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LORI Network: LORI Network

Learn about the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) network and the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS).

How to Set Up Automatic Forwarding from RILINK Email Accounts

LORI Certification FAQ

OLIS Staff has posted a list of Frequently Asked Questions about LORI Standards, including requirements for ILL and Service Policies. Please be sure to review the FAQ while completing the certification process.

OLIS - LORI Delivery Issues Report Form

Report delivery issues (and order additional delivery bins) at this link on the OLIS website:

For questions about RICAT ILL procedures, please contact Zach Berger using the contact information elsewhere on this page, or contact any member of RILINK staff for assistance. Contact information is available in the RILINK Staff box on the About RILINK page.

Delivery on Demand

To submit a Delivery on Demand (DOD) request or to learn more about DOD services, please visit the link below.

LORI ILL & OLIS ILL Clearinghouse

We must always exhaust all available copies within our own consortium before borrowing from other LORI libraries.

When desired titles (books, A/V, or articles) are not available from other RILINK member libraries, titles may be requested via interlibrary loan from other LORI member libraries

Please note: Depending on the option chosen below, LORI ILL borrowing may require an Ocean State Libraries (OSL) card and PIN. If no OSL card is available, contact the individual library directly to see if other arrangements can be made. 


Before proceeding, be sure to verify availability of titles before placing requests by searching the appropriate catalog. Then choose any one of the following LORI ILL options (choose Option 4 for direct delivery to school library locations):


OPTION 1. Contact your local public library directly to order desired items. (Requires OSL library card and PIN.) 

OPTION 2. Place a request directly through the OSL catalog using your own (or your patron's) Ocean State Libraries card. (Requires OSL library card and PIN.) 

Please note: LORI ILL items requested through Options 1 and 2 above can only be delivered to public libraries. School delivery is not available for the first two options.


OPTION 3. Apply for an OSL card for your school library through OLIS. Then use the OSL card to place the request in the OSL catalog. Requested items will be delivered to OLIS, which will forward the item through LORI Delivery to your school library. (Your library must be a LORI member library to use this option.)

OPTION 4. Submit the LORI ILL Request form. (Does not require OSL library card and PIN. Form is created and maintained by OLIS staff. RILINK staff cannot track the form. Form is to be submitted by library staff only. Do not direct patrons to submit the form.)

Submission of the LORI ILL Request form will generate an email to the potential supplying library/ies designated on the form. If the request is filled, the item/s will be delivered directly to the school library that submitted the form. If no response is received within 3 business days, please follow up with the supplying library directly to determine the status of the request. 

Please note: Unlike with the previous LORI ILL system (Relais), tracking of LORI ILL requests in RICAT is no longer available. After the LORI ILL item is received in delivery, please create a temporary record to check it out to your patron. Please contact RILINK Staff if you need further assistance.


Still can't find the title? Try the OLIS ILL Clearinghouse.

REVISED January 24, 2018

LORI Delivery Best Practices

Please make sure to use the most updated LORI delivery slips for ILL deliveries. The current template is posted at the OLIS website below.

At the above link, scroll down to "Delivery slips and labels templates". Choose either the Slips PDF format or the Slips MS Word format. The Word file can be saved to your computer and edited to enter your 3-letter LORI Code at the bottom of the slip. The PDF version requires handwriting your LORI Code at the bottom of each slip. Please print the slips on plain white paper. There should be 4 delivery slips per page.

Please review the best practices and packaging guidelines at the OLIS website links below.

When filling and shipping ILL requests, please always put some form of patron identifying information on the LORI delivery slip. 

But! Please be mindful of protecting patron confidentiality.  Many schools have very strict rules that prohibit publishing any student-identifying information outside of controlled school environments. When filling out the delivery slip, please consider writing in the patron barcode ID number (instead of the patron name) from the patron record in RICAT. The patron ID number is easily available with one click on the patron icon (the eyeglasses) next to the patron's name on Processing Needed. Right-click on the patron icon to open the patron's Holds screen in a new tab, and look for the Patron ID at the top of the page. Write the ID on the LORI delivery slip, then close the patron's Holds tab to return to Processing Needed without losing your place. And remember: it is not only your own school's confidentiality rules that apply; the rules at the receiving school also apply.

Please do always legibly and correctly fill out the LORI Code for the destination at the top of the slip, and write the date on the slip when you place it into the bin. Having the date on the slip can be important for troubleshooting purposes down the road.