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LORI Network: LORI Membership

Learn about the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) network and the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS).

LORI Certification 2019

The 2019 LORI Certification period opened on January 15. Please review important information on this page and at the links below.

Please also be sure to read the "Interlibrary Loan and Service Policies" tab, above.

Click the LORI Standards Certification direct link (below) to review the required documentation and begin the certification submission process. Enter your library's LORI code in the box at the top of the linked page to access the required certification documents and links:



If you have forgotten your LORI code, look in the RILINK Directory, or try here:

If you are applying for LORI certification for the first time, please read the "Not Yet a LORI Member Library?" tab above and contact Karen at before proceeding.

***The deadline for submission of all required documents is March 15.***


The Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) certifies libraries to become members of the Library of Rhode Island (LORI) network. LORI membership provides access to statewide resource sharing and interlibrary loan delivery services, continuing education opportunities, and other benefits. More information about the benefits of LORI membership is available here.

LORI Certification must be renewed annually by all LORI members. RILINK staff assists our members with this process. The 2019 LORI Certification portal opens January 15, and certification renewal (or first-time application) must be completed and submitted by March 15. Dates are subject to change. 

Certification consists of two types:

  • full certification (every three years)
  • annual update (during the interim years)

The LORI Standards Certification Schedule linked below lists the years during which current LORI member libraries must renew their full certification. If your library is not due for full certification renewal, you must complete the shorter annual update process. RILINK members who are interested in applying for LORI membership for the first time must complete the full certification process.

How to find and submit the ILL statistics requirement for the 2017-2018 school year:

Interlibrary loan statistics for the 2017-2018 fiscal year must be reported as part of the certification process. If you do not have access to your own records, please visit the ILL Statistics Archive page of the RILINK website. Please note: ILL statistics reports will be completed shortly and may not be available when certification opens. You may work on other sections of certification while waiting for your ILL statistics report to be posted. 

  • On the OLIS website's LORI Certification "FY2017 ILL Statistics Report" submission page, select the "July 2017 - June 2018" fiscal year from the drop-down menu. 
  • ​Interlibrary loan statistics for the 2017-2018 school year will be archived on RILINK's Report ILL Statistics page here. PDF file reports are organized by town or district. Review the PDF report and enter the corresponding data in the appropriate LORI Certification web field.
  • IMPORTANT: The LORI certification ILL reporting form asks for totals for the entire July 2017 - June 2018 fiscal year. This means you must add together all your totals from each month from your September 2017 through May 2018 ILL statistics reports to come up with one total for each of four categories:
    • "Total items received from all other Rhode Island Libraries" will equal "Total borrowed from RILINK Libraries + Total borrowed from LORI Libraries" (you must add the two together)
    • "Total items received from out of state libraries" will be the same total as "Total borrowed from out of state libraries" on your RILINK reports
    • "Total items supplied to all other Rhode Island Libraries" will equal "Total loaned to RILINK Libraries + Total loaned to LORI Libraries" (you must add the two together)
    • "Total items supplied to out of state libraries" will be the same total as "Total loaned to out of state libraries" on your RILINK reports
  • RILINK members applying for LORI certification for the first time should enter zeros for interlibrary loan statistics.

More information is available at the links below.

*All certification documents must be submitted directly to OLIS (not to RILINK). OLIS is the governing body for LORI Certification, sets all the requirements, collects all the paperwork, and maintains the database of LORI members.

As part of the 2019 LORI certification application process, and pursuant to LORI Standards 3.03, 3.04, and 3.05, each LORI member library must make publicly available on the home page of its website the following:

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Hours of Service
  • Interlibrary Loan Policy (See #4 below)
  • Service Policy (See #4 below)

RILINK strongly encourages its participating members to make sure all of the above required information is clearly visible on your library's home page as either embedded text or embedded links or documents. Make sure each segment is clearly labeled and visible. A sample LibGuides page modeling this method will be forthcoming.

**Important notes**

1. When submitting your library's home page URL on the LORI Certification page, please be sure to submit the exact direct link to the home page. OLIS staff must be able to click that single link and see everything in front of them they need to see, with no error messages preventing access, and no additional clicking to get to your library's individual home page. This must be a one-click process to get to your library's home page, and the home page must clearly show all of the required information, as either embedded text, or embedded referring URLs or documents.

2. If your library home page is your RICAT page, do not submit as your home page URL, and do not copy and paste the browser URL when your RICAT home page is open. The dedicated URL to each RILINK library's RICAT page is unique and is available next to your library's name in the RILINK Directory. Look for the URL next to your site entry that starts with, where 1234 is your specific RICAT site ID (this may be a 3- or 4-digit number). The Directory entry for the RILINK/EBEC RICAT site looks like this, with the dedicated URL for the RILINK/EBEC RICAT site circled in red, below: 


3. Acceptable library home pages include your library's dedicated RICAT home page (see above), your existing LibGuide site's home page, your school's library website, or any other website you have created on which your Contact Name and Information, Library Hours, Interlibrary Loan Policy, and Service Policy are clearly visible.

4. The required Interlibary Loan and Service Policies may be posted on your library home page as either embedded text, an embedded referring URL, or a linked document. Be sure all segments are clearly labeled.

  • Sample Interlibrary Loan and Service Policies are available on the OLIS website
  • The consortium-level RILINK Interlibrary Loan Policy is available here and may be used to fulfill this requirement. Embed the direct link to the RILINK ILL Policy on your home page; follow the instructions provided on the RILINK ILL Policy page.
  • If you choose to write your own Interlibrary Loan Policy, you must read and use the RILINK ILL Policy as a baseline, and you must be sure to comply with LORI Standard 4.02.2

4.02.2 If a category of material (e.g., books, CDs, magazines, DVDs, journals) is generally available to library clientele, it must be made generally available by Interlibrary Loan. In other words, an entire category of generally available material cannot be excluded from Interlibrary Loan availability specifically because of its format type. However, as noted in 4.02.1, any individual item may be excluded from Interlibrary Loan availability based upon item-specific criteria.


Did you know that RILINK is the only Rhode Island library consortium that does not ​approach 100% ​consortium membership in the LORI network*?  Help us reach our goal of 100% LORI membership**! Doing so will greatly support RILINK's mission to foster innovative learning and creative research in school libraries through partnerships and resource sharing for student success. 
*In order to meet LORI eligibility requirements, your school library must have on staff a minimum of one professional librarian who holds a master's degree in library and information science from a graduate school accredited by the American Library Association. Current or future RILINK member libraries that do not meet this eligibility requirement will not be able to join the LORI network.
**Any current RILINK member library that is not a current LORI member and wishes to volunteer to apply for LORI membership in the upcoming 2018 application cycle may do so. Please contact Zach at to volunteer.
RILINK member libraries applying for LORI certification for the first time must contact Zach at before beginning the process. In the meantime, please take a look at the benefits of LORI membership here, and become familiar with the certification process requirements by reading the above tab called "Important Information about the 2018 LORI Certification Cycle."
We look forward to the day when 100% of RILINK member libraries are LORI members and our consortium's ability to provide access to reading, research, and professional materials for all K-12 students and schools is greatly expanded.
Thank you for reading and for actively supporting RILINK's mission.


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Zach Berger
RILINK Member Services Librarian