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Missing books: Missing ILL

Books being held at Borrowing Library or OLIS for Sept. return

Status Title Barcode Call # Borrowing Library Owning Library
Returning Crusades 3CHW2600450173 909.07 BIE TMS CHW
Returning Fault in our stars 3EGC090000745R  FIC GRE NPS EGC
Returning Herbie Jones and the monster ball 3BRW000009709C FIC KLI NPS BRW
Returning Horrible Harry moves up to third grade 3EFT0010080880  F KLI pbk NPS EFT
Returning Theresienstadt : Hitler's gift to the Jews Details 3CHW260067757I  943.086 TRO TMS CHW
Returning Trust no one / Cahills vs. Vespers 39 Clues Description 3BRW0000713749 FIC PAR SKJ BRW

Books missing in Interlibrary Loan 2014

Sorted by title

updated 6/18/2014

Status Title Barcode Call # Borrowing Library Owning Library
Returning American women inventors  T 51626 920 CAM SAS NRP
Returning Amulet. Book three, The cloud searchers 3ERH090000011T  741.5 Kib CWD ERH
Returning Baseball : field & equipment  T 12036 796.357 LLO CHS PMS
Returning  Beautiful creatures  3CHE1300503721 F GAR NHS CHE
Returning                        Begging for change 36080000517946 FIC FLA NTM WWN
Returning Beginning, a muddle, and an end : the right way to write writing 3CRF360004327$ FIC AVI CWS CRF
Returning Between shades of gray 31871000664513 FIC SEP SKS LSA
Returning Birthmarked 3ERH0900001780  F O'Br EGC ERH
Returning Blue moon 3SKJ0000118723 FIC NOE HBD SKJ
Returning Boy who sailed around the world alone T 10712 910.4 GRA THS JSL
Returning Boy who sailed around the world alone T 10712 910.4 GRA THS JSL
Returning Breaking ground, breaking silence : the story of New York's African burial ground 3POH000021174+ 305.5 HAN JSL POH
Returning                         Career building through music, video, and software mashups 36080000534693 006.7 CEF CHS WWN
Returning  Careers in physical therapy 3NHS0000026665  615.8 HAW CHS NHS
Returning Catching fire  3SKJ0000215271 AV FIC COL CBS SKJ
Returning Catherine, called Birdy T 8482 FIC CUS JSL EGC
Returning Chasing Lincoln's killer  T 3000578 973.7 SWANSON SGM ERH
Returning Cinder 3PMS0000511717 F MEY EGC PMS
Returning  Classroom instruction that works: 3EGH000029901S Prof 371 Dea CBS EGH
Returning Communist Manifesto  T 2986 335.41 MAR EWH WWN
Returning Cranberry autumn  3CWD3000477454 E D MCT CWD
Returning  Crown of horns  3BGAO00076116% FIC Smi NTM BGA
Returning Deck the halls 3BWH000036313- FIC CLA PB MCT BWH
Returning Divergent (1)  T 3001342 MS FIC ROTH GJH ERH
Ready Divergent 3CHW2600382548 FIC ROT CVW CHW
Checked Out The Doom That Came To Sarnath 3NRH0000161934 SC FIC Lov CHS NRH
Returning Dork Diaries #2: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl 3SHE0900016620 E FIC RUS CDS SHE
Returning Emily the Strange: the lost days 3KMS000028861C Adventure FIC REG NTM KMS
Returning Encyclopedia of 20th-century American television T 27287 REF 791.45 LACKMANN EGC ERH
Returning Endless steppe  3CHS000114310R 940.548 H PMS CHS
Returning Fault In Our Stars 33318000270550 FIC GRE CHO THS
Returning Fault In Our Stars 33318000270535 FIC GRE CHO THS
Returning Fault In Our Stars 3BHS000032862. F GRE BRW BHS
Returning Fault In Our Stars 3BHS000036023U F GRE UCA BHS
Returning Field Guide To Chickens 3NRH0000072597 636.5 Per JSL NRH
Returning First kill  3SKJ000012019 FIC BRE SHS SKJ
Returning First thousand words in Chinese T 3000916 495.1 AMERY TOL ERH
En Route Five people you meet in heaven 3CEM2900135791‚Äč F ALB CHE CEM
Returning Five people you meet in heaven T 25027 FIC ALB CHE ERH
Checked Out Five People You Meet In Heaven 3NRH0000182533 Fic Alb CHE NRH
Returning Game changers 3BRW000071288D FIC LUP CBS BRW
Returning                       Garden of Eve  36080000530972 FIC GOI CHE WWN
Returning Garfield makes it 3SKJ0000045698 741.5 DAV TMS SKJ
Returning Georgia O'Keeffe : an adventurous spirit 3CRF3600214670 B OKE BRW CRF
Returning Ghost liners : Exploring the world's greatest lost ships T 19779 387.2 BALLARD LSA ERH
Returning Girl, stolen 31871000259843 FIC HEN HBD LSA
Returning Giver T 26066 FIC LOW SAS JSL
Checked Out Golden Years of Broadcasting 3NRH000010491% 384.54 Cam EWH NRH
Returning Gregor and the Code of Claw 3HBD150042175Q F COL CEM HBD
Returning Grimm conclusion 3PMS0000047014  F GID CGN PMS
Returning Gunslinger  T 4707 FIC KIN BWH ERH
Returning Heart's blood 3SKB000010239Y FIC YOL PMS SKB
Returning Hidden 3SHE090001264+ FIC CAS BVA SHE
Returning The history of punk rock 3PMS0000014243 784 MAS SKS PMS
Returning  History of the Boston Bruins T 25987 796.9 NIC CBS JSM
Returning Hockey Rules!  T 14268 796.9 DIA CBS PMS
Returning Hollow City : the second novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children 37101000432941 FIC RIG SWK CHO
Returning How to dig a hole to the other side of the world 3CST190061443E 551.1 MCN PRH CST
Returning  I spy: funhouse. A book of picture riddles T 18243 EASY WIC CDS JSM
Returning Illustrated encyclopedia of ancient Egypt 3JSM000002073+ 932 Har CGN JFM
Returning Interred with their bones Details (Copy: / Call #: )(from Chariho Regional High School (CHO)) 37101000407620  FIC CAR THS CHO
Returning Inside Out & Back Again 3CST190064176K FIC LAI CDT CST
Returning             Island  36080000177501 PB FIC KOR JFM WWN
Returning Janet Jackson 3CEM2900269441 B JACKSON SGM CEM
Returning Kite Runner T 25905 FIC HOS JHS ERH
Returning The Kite Runner 3BHS000003102M F HOS JHS BHS
Returning Left Behind 37101000322548 FIC LAH CFH CHO
Returning Life and times of Susan B. Anthony        3CEM290028799B B ANTHONY CES CEM
Returning Lift ev'ry voice and sing 3CEP180045043- 782.4 JOH CWS CEP
Returning Looking for Alaska : a novel 3SHE0000057884 FIC GRE CHE SHE
Returning                         Lord Sunday 36080000535526 FIC NIX WWH WWN
Returning Lost Hero (1) 3CKL030058999D  FIC RIO PMS CKL
Returning  Magician 3NHS0000557649  F SCO THS NHS
Returning Marvin and the mean words T 17642 E ER KLI NPS ERH
Returning  Matchbox diary T 41179 EAS FLE CGN ?
Returning   Maximum security / [ Book 3] 3JSM000007379C F Muc EGC JFM
Returning Meanwhile 3JSL0900001544 741.5 SHI CDS JSL
Returning Mind games 3BGC000023124B FIC LAR CBS BGC
Returning  Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 3EGH000600332L F RIG CES EGH
Returning  Nadia Comaneci  T 11661 92 COM NRP JSM
Returning Night creatures T 29571  591.5 JEUNESSE CTS ERH
Returning  Nutcracker T 28572 DVD 792.8 NUT HAN JSM
Returning  Official Godzilla compendium  T 23847 791.43 LEE BGA NHS
Returning One flew over the cuckoo's nest  T 16021 PB F KES WWN PMS
Returning Paladin prophecy  33318000271954 FIC FRO CHO THS
Returning  Perks of being a wallflower  3EGH000029402O PBF Chb NRP EGH
Returning  Perks of Being a Wallflower 37101000306046 FIC CHB CHW CHO
Returning Physics of hockey 3CHW2600363468 530 HAC BWH CHW
Returning Pigs 3CRF36000369V 636.4 WIL CTS CRF
Checked Out Quest for paradise : the return to the Kingdom of Fantasy / book 2 3MCT000005149% FIC STI EFT MCT
Returning Reached 3BMS000030003R  F CON SKJ BMS
Checked Out  Reggie Miller : star guard  3NTM0000323201 92 MIL EGC NTM
Returning Scary stories 3 : more tales to chill your bones 3CDT160041015W 398.2 SCH CWS CDT
Returning Sea Wolf 3SKB000011341T FIC LON JSL SKB
Returning Siddhartha 3CHE13005003CF F HES LSA CHE
Returning Signing made easy : a complete program for learning sign language, includes sentence drills and exercises for increased comprehension and signing skil T 1433 419 BUT CHS SHE
Checked Out Skate Freak  3PMS000050376D F CHO EGC PMS
Returning  Something beautiful T 16323 EAS WYE HAN JSM
Returning  Something Upstairs T 21995 FIC AVI CPJ JSM
Returning Son of the Mob 3CHW260067086D FIC KOR CHE CHW
Returning  Sophie the sapphire fairy 3JSM0000003953  EAS MEA CDT JSM
Returning Special education teacher 36080000517011  371.9 SAN CHS WWN
Returning Star trek III, the search for Spock T 4402 PB MCI JSL PHS
Returning Stolen life : a memoir 3SKJ000012053 B DUGARD THS SKJ
Returning Sunset 36080000191999 PB FIC HUN NTM WWN
Returning Swiss family Robinson T 4624 Fic Wys JSL MCT
Checked Out Teenage refugees from Rwanda speak out T 14548 973 Tee BWH PMS
Returning Trust no one / Cahills vs. Vespers 39 Clues Description 3BRW0000713749 FIC PAR SKJ BRW
Returning Twister on Tuesday 3CEP1800429710 PB FIC OSB JFM CEP
Returning Using Common Core Standards.... 3NR0000145903 Prof 379.1 Mar CBS NRH
En Route Whatever you say I am : the life and times of Eminem 3BHS000002158W B EMINEM POH BHS
Lost  When I was Puerto Rican  3EPH000050138X B SAN NTM EPH
Returning Who was Steve Jobs 3SKB000015158$ B JOBS CLS SKB
Checked Out Wish 3BMS0000185585  F LEV CGN BMS
Returning Wrath of Mulgrath 3CEP180023111S FIC DIT CDT CEP
Returning You wouldn't want to be a secret agent during World War II! : a perilous mission behind enemy lines 3CAS250021971 355.3 MAL NPS CAS
Returning  Young equestrian  3NTM0000332267 798.2 DAV CHS NTM
Returning Young people's concerts 36080000141184 KIT 784.2 YOU CWS WWN
Returning  Young zillionaire's guide to the stock market  3NTM000033238A 332.63 CAE SKS NTM