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NEF/RILINK Summer Conference 2017: Mission

RI TeacherFest 2017 

For K-12 teachers

By K-12 teachers

Our mission is to elevate the Rhode Island K-12 conference experience through a unique event serving all schools, grade levels, and subjects while boosting membership in professional organizations and uniting all educators for two days of enlightenment and entertainment.

Come on down to the shore to get refreshed and re-energized with a two-day conference featuring tips, techniques, and teaching strategies to help you fully engage your students, your colleagues, and your communities. Whether you teach information literacy, ELA, fine arts, social studies, STEM, world languages, research skills, special education, health & PE, kindergarteners, middle schoolers, seniors, or something or someone in between, this conference will enhance your skill set and bring you some fun in the process! 

Join colleagues from all over the state at the air-conditioned Narragansett High School to learn, share, and celebrate before heading back into the classroom, library, or computer lab in September.

Cost to attend (lunch included)
Registrations are exceeding our expectations and spaces are filling up! Register today!
$80.00 for both days or $50.00 for one day

Deadline extended! Registration closes July 24!

Follow @riteacherfest on Twitter for updates!


Photos courtesy of Bill Krul Gallery