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Is Paper Dead?: Session Overview

RILINK Summer Conference 2013: Strengthening the Core: SLMS as Curriculum Leader, Day 2, Session 3A

Day 2, Session 3A Overview

Review all of the various options for emailing/saving reports, notices, resource lists, bibliographies, etc. in Destiny©. Help save a tree and your school's paper costs!

Session Presenter

Dorothy Frechette, Executive Director, RILINK

The first step toward saving paper

The most important requirement for saving paper when using Destiny is getting email addresses into Destiny patron records.

How can this be accomplished?


Texting a notice

Enter the recipient's phone number, including area code, and then add the person's cell phone carrier's email suffix in the Email 1 or 2 field in the patron record.







Is Paper Really Dead ?

Well, maybe not entirely....  ?  Click on the question mark to find out.