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Professional Development: Workshops 2016-17

In 2016-17 RILINK moved to delivering professional development online versus after school workshops. The divergent schedules of our members and finding a central location for sessions also played into this decision. By the end of 2017, the decision was made to focus on online and onsite delivery.  Currently, the only after school workshop offered is on inventory and the Summer Conference offered on the year's opposite Rhode Island TeacherFest. 

RILINK will continue to assess the needs of the members in order to provide the best access to sessions.

Face to Face Sessions

  • All Things Destiny!
  • Capstone Product Demonstration ( presented by Kat  Lynch, East Greenwich School district librarian and Matt Croyle, Capstone representative)
  • Inventory Tips!

Webinars- most were offered multiple times to accommodate members schedules.

  • Resource Sharing: Interlibrary Loan Basics
  • LibGuides CMS Sessions on the following topics
    • Assets & Image Manager
    • Content Organization
    • Guides vs. Pages
    • Media Widgets
    • Style Options
  • LibWizard Pilot Training