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RICAT ILL: Reserve Multiple Copies

You must be a certified member of the LORI network to participate in interlibrary loan.

Reserve or Request Multiple Copies

If you need multiple copies of a title for a reading group or a class set for a teacher, and your library does not own enough (or any) copies, you may try to reserve and borrow multiple copies from other RILINK members.

Please remember that library resources are limited and there can be overlapping needs for the same items throughout the school year. Please also plan ahead so that there is enough time for multiple copy requests to be processed by and shipped from multiple locations.

If you cannot obtain enough copies from other RILINK members, you may try to borrow additional copies through the LORI ILL network or the OLIS ILL Clearinghouse.

To request multiple copies of the same title:

STEP 1: Log into RICAT to your site and select the Circulation top tab

STEP 2: Select the Holds/ILL side tab and use the Find box to pull up the patron record for the person to whom the items will be checked out

STEP 3: Click the "Add Hold" button

STEP 4: Use the "Find title" box and select "All Participating Libraries" from the drop-down menu. Enter the title search term(s) and click Go!

STEP 5: Find the title in the results list that matches your needs. If you need multiple copies of the same edition or format, be sure there are enough multiple copies available where it says "# of # available off site."

STEP 6: Click the "Hold It" button next to the desired title

STEP 7: On the Requesting confirmation screen, change the drop-down selection from "As soon as possible" to "Reserve for specific date." The Requesting screen should automatically refresh with more options.

STEP 8: On the refreshed Requesting screen, select the location ("From" field) of the first library from which you want to try to borrow the item. (Starting at the top of the list is a good idea.) If the library owns more than one copy of the title, reserve one or more copies (you may want to call or email the librarian first to confirm). Enter a "From" and "To" date manually or by using the calendar on the screen. You will be unable to select "From" and "To" dates that are in red or gray on the calendar. A good rule of thumb is a 30-day window.

STEP 9: Review the entries in STEP 8, make sure the default Delivery Method is "Ship It," and click Save. RICAT should display a confirmation message, and the Pending hold will appear on your Processing Needed page under To be filled by other sites.

STEP 10: [This may vary depending on time of year] After clicking Save in STEP 9, if the patron's Holds screen is the active screen and the Add Hold button is present, click Add Hold and repeat STEPS 4 through 9 for each additional copy needed. (Be sure to change the location "From" field to a different school each time.) If after clicking Save in STEP 9 there is no Add Hold button present, repeat STEP 2 through STEP 9.

Multiple copy requests are filled like every other interlibrary loan request, with one exception: the option to Ship It does not appear until the calendar gets closer to the starting Reserve date listed in the request record. Until that time, only the Decline option will appear. 

If you plan to fill the request, please pull the title and hold it until the Ship It option appears, then process as usual and send the copy.

If you cannot fill the request, please Decline.


Please review the following settings in your RICAT site:

Back Office > Site Configuration (on lower left) > Circulation (on upper right) > scroll down to Holds/Reserves > change Ready Reservations setting to 1 > Save
Ready reservations  open days in advance of the requested start date. Destiny Help
By changing the Ready Reservation setting to one day in advance of the requested start date, we believe this will allow for greater accessibility of items by the requesting library, and may also enable the Ship It button to show on Processing Needed more quickly (rather than having to wait some days for it to appear).

Launch RICAT

OLIS - LORI Delivery Issues Report Form

Report delivery issues (and order additional delivery bins) at this link on the OLIS website:

For questions about RICAT ILL procedures, please contact Zach Berger using the contact information elsewhere on this page, or contact any member of RILINK staff for assistance. Contact information is available in the RILINK Staff box on the About RILINK page.


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