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Through its Public Library CONNECT feature, Sora empowers students to borrow age-appropriate ebooks and audiobooks from both their school AND local public library digital collections.

The result of this exposure to more books? Kids read more and your juvenile and young adult circulation grows.

On OverDrive Public Library Connect page, you will find two videos:

  • Overview (1:20 minutes)
  • Recorded Webinar on Public Library Connect, including in the webinar are the following sections:
    • Adding a public library to your SORA account (at 5:43 minutes), requires a separate login with public library card if Public Library Connect is not in place
    • Public LIbrary Connect (at 11:18 minutes)
    • Grade levels and access to the public library connection (at 47:30 minutes)  There are three levels that can be set up at each side of the connection:  juvenile, YA, and adult
    • Examples on Public Library Connect at work
      • Moffat County (at 27:56 minutes)
      • San Antonio (at 31:46 minutes)

How can we make the connection between RISOCKS andand communicate with the public libraries about granting students access with their school usernames instead of library cards?

  • Since each public library must agree to participate, your connections with your local public library are the best place to start.  By participating, public libraries will:
    • Engage the next generation of loyal library users
    • Increase circulation of juvenile & young adult digital content
    • ​​​​​​​Provide valuable insights into student usage of the public library’s digital collection.
  • RILINK will also contact Ocean State Libraries as they also must agree to participate.
  • RILINK will work with OverDrive in making the case for student access to the public library collections.  Each of the participating school libraries and each of the Ocean State Libraries must sign an agreement to participate,