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Some background…

  • When we started BookLynx, we were able to purchase titles, but now most titles are available for a specified period of time, or a particular number of checkouts, and must be renewed regularly to keep them in the collection, limiting the number of new titles that we can purchase.
  • Collection maintenance takes a lot more time to monitor usage and decide which titles to renew.
  • BookLynx was designed to give all of our members, regardless of their funding, an opportunity to try out eBooks and digital audiobooks with their students and teachers.
  • Needs have been much greater during the pandemic and will probably continue at an increased level.
  • For more information on school libraries and eBooks, please see

Please note that each library is still free to purchase other eBooks, digital audiobooks, and interactive titles from any vendor that they choose. 

Why switch from Destiny to Sora eBooks?

  • We can’t maintain our current setup with Follett as a single district for interlibrary loan purposes and allow our members to use Single Sign On (SSO) or easily include library access through services such as CLEVER.
  • To address this issue, we need to change from our Follett district library manager system with each district/independent school as its own site, which would mean that the shared eBook collection, BookLynx, could no longer be used.
  • The way we have been funding BookLynx limits its usefulness, as we are not spending enough to keep the collection at a level that can support the current number of students and teachers in our member schools.
  • Here is the current collection size of RISOCKS, with only a few schools participating:
    • 2,195 items, including some duplicate copies
    • Audiobooks -174 items, including some duplicate copies