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Site & App of the Week: September Apps

Each week an interesting web site and app are highlighted on this page. Visitors are invited to suggest sites and apps to be highlighted.

Week of September 30

Endless Alphabet is an very engaging app from that teaches word recognition, spelling, and definitions in a highly interactive way! The target audience is young children.  It comes highly recommended from my grandniece Tessie!  The app is available for iPad and iPhone for $3.99.

Week of September 23

In the spirit of a two for one week, the app of the week has a online presence as well.  Based on brain science, Brainscape provides digital learning though creating digital flashcards or using ones provided and tracking progress.  The app is for iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

Deserves a look!

Week of September 16

30Hands is an app for iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  Users can create stories based on the images stored on the device.  Visit the 30Hands Learning website to learn about other free options that promote digital learning.

Week of September 9

This week's app is aimed at younger students but could be used with a wider range.   StoryLines is " a game of telephone" that lets students illustrate the developing story as they go.  StoryLines is designed for the iPads, iPhones, and iPods but has an online site as well.  It has a regular version and one for schools.  The You Tube video explains the use of the one for schools.

Week of September 2

Each week I will highlight an app along with possible uses in classrooms or the library.   For those who want a place to begin their own exploration I suggest "Bloomin' Apps" on  Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything site.



 Popplet is an app with an online version as well which can be used to brainstorm, upload information, create story boards, and much more.  The free version, Popplet Lite,  is limited to five popplets.  The  full app currently costs $4.99.  It syncs with your online account.  To create more than 5 popplets requires a monthly or a yearly subscription. Subscriptions are also available for schools.