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Backyard Bonanza: A Different Kind of Game Show: Contestants

This guide presents a sample unit illustrating the use of collaborative components in Destiny© and LibGuides for an elementary-grade research project about common backyard insects and spiders.

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What's Behind Door Number One?

Choose a "contestant" -- an insect or spider -- to research. Some samples are shown below. Be sure to create a Resource List in RICAT to track your research resources.

Sample Contestants

Do you know what kinds of insects or spiders are pictured below? Review all of the "contestants" and then see the instructions at the bottom for posting your guesses!

Contestant # 1
Contestant #2
Contestant #3
Contestant #4
Contestant #5
Contestant #6

Guess the Contestants!

Submit a comment to guess what kinds of insects or spiders are pictured above.

Click on Comments below and follow these steps:

-click Post New Comment

-type your first name and last initial in the Name field

-skip the Email field

-type the contestant # in the Subject field like this: Contestant #1 (or #2 or #3 etc.)

-enter your guess in the Comment box

-click Post, then click OK on the message boxes that appear

Comments will be moderated so play nice and stay on topic!