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"Live in the Along": A Middle School Civil Rights Research and Presentation Project: Task

This guide presents a sample unit illustrating the use of collaborative components in Destiny© and LibGuides for an 8th grade research and presentation project on Civil Rights.

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Your task has two parts:

1. Work with a team to research and prepare a Team Presentation that persuasively answers this Essential Question: How does an artist contribute to the social movements of his or her lifetime?

Base your presentation on your research about the cultural contributions of at least one African-American artist who lived and worked during the American Civil Rights movement of the twentieth century. Look for links between the artist’s work and the goals of Civil Rights activists.

Remember to use RICAT to create Resource Lists to track your resources.

2. Work individually to write a 2-page research summary and a bibliography of sources.

For more information on how the teams will work, please visit the Teams page.

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