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"Live in the Along": A Middle School Civil Rights Research and Presentation Project: Presentations

This guide presents a sample unit illustrating the use of collaborative components in Destiny© and LibGuides for an 8th grade research and presentation project on Civil Rights.

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Choose Presentation Format

Each team will choose one presentation format from the choices below. Be creative, but remember that your presentation must persuasively answer the question, How does an artist contribute to the social movements of his or her lifetime? The format chosen must be a team decision. Suggestions for other presentation formats will be considered and must be approved.

Live Skit

Each member of your team takes a role to act or dialogue to read that represents the findings of your research. Use props, costumes, posters, music, poetry, or audience participation.

Video Skit

Same as a live skit, but videotaped ahead of time and shown to the class.


Write articles, add graphics or photos, and include editorial opinions.

Slide Show

Blend text with graphics, photos, video, sound, charts, or diagrams.


You can really get creative with this option, but remember to limit the information on your site to your own writing, research, and artwork.

Persuasive Speech

Each member of your team will speak to the class about a portion of your presentation. Try to be as expressive and informative as possible.


It can be challenging to write a group report. You might want to make each team member responsible for a different section. Make sure all sources are cited using the same format.