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Beyond Drill-and-Kill: Session Overview

RILINK Summer Conference 2013: Strengthening the Core: SLMS as Curriculum Leader, Day 1, Sessions 2A and 3A

Day 1, Sessions 2A & 3A Overview

Want to move beyond drill-and-kill computer games on the whiteboard? Learn how to help bring digital and media literacy to the elementary grades, where even the youngest children can learn to access, analyze, compose, reflect and take action using print, visual, sound and digital media tools, texts and technologies. Based on five years of practice and research in urban and suburban elementary schools, Renee Hobbs introduces Powerful Voices for Kids, a collection of lesson plans, videos and other online resources designed for K-6 educators and their students.

Session Presenter

Renee Hobbs, Professor & Founding Director, Harrington School of Communication & Media, University of Rhode Island