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Blog the Book: The Challenge of Motivating Readers in a Digital Age: Session Overview

RILINK Summer Conference 2013: Strengthening the Core: SLMS as Curriculum Leader, Day 1, Session 2B

Day 1, Session 2B Overview

Not only is it a challenge to motivate students to read in our fast-paced society, it's a challenge to get their attention at all! We are competing with games, gadgets and phones that stream, entertain, and divert. However, we can join forces with these distractions by using eye-catching book review blogs to induce students to read, to critique, to evaluate and to awaken awareness of internet etiquette, privacy, safety and savvy.

Session Presenter

Heidi Blais, School Library Media Specialist, Cranston High School East, Cranston Public Schools

Heidi and her colleague Sue Rose will be presenting the Blog the Book workshop at the AASL 2013 National Conference this fall. RILINK is honored to be able to offer an advance peek at this session.