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LibGuides CMS Work Session: Session Overview

RILINK Summer Conference 2013: Strengthening the Core: SLMS as Curriculum Leader, Day 2, Sessions 2B and 3B

Day 2, Sessions 2B & 3B Overview

This session is for RILINK LibGuides CMS subscribers only. RILINK staff along with experienced LibGuides CMS users will be available to answer questions and demonstrate tools and techniques related to creating and customizing this web application including LibCal.

Session Presenters

Zach Berger, Member Services Librarian, RILINK

Andrea Hajian, Teacher-Librarian, LaSalle Academy

Sarah Hunicke, Teacher-Librarian, Portsmouth High School

Sharon Webster, Professional Development/Technology Support Specialist, RILINK


Visit the Users Guide. The link is password protected. The password will be provided during the session.