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RILINK Summer Conference 2014 Uncommon Engagement: Conference Overview

Innovative Learning and Creative Research for Student Success

Follett School Solutions

RILINK thanks Follett School Solutions for their continued sponsorship of this conference.

RILINK Summer Conference 2014

AUGUST 12 & 13, 2014

Innovative Learning and Creative Research for Student Success

Thanks to all who made this such a successful event!


Keynote Speakers

Stephen Chinosi from Newton High School North and Kevin McGrath from Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School will speak on “Inspire and Engage: Libraries as Innovation Labs.”  Perhaps part of the keynote proposal best represents their message:
“Libraries are the hub of every school where big ideas and bright people converge. Libraries foster collaboration between students, faculty, and the community. We believe libraries and librarians are the experts at facilitating the resources and the research that make innovation possible."
Photograph of keynote speaker Stephen Chinosi                              

   Stephen Chinosi                           Kevin Mc Grath