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Session 2B: Exploring Follett Lightbox™

Lightbox™ is a multimedia educational space that encourages students to see learning in a whole new light. With Lightbox™, students receive a true multimedia learning experience that incorporates audio, video, interactive activities, and much more across a variety of professionally developed curricula.

A new tool from Follett, Lightbox™ may have just the right fit for classrooms and learning styles of all types. Learn about Follett’s Lightbox™, a multimedia educational space that keeps kids interested and transports them to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro where they see and hear a massive glacier break apart explore how glaciers shaped the Earth’s surface.  And this is just one title! Through embedded videos, Google Maps integration, teacher instructional tools, and audio support, the titles in Lightbox™ make every lesson visual and vibrant.
Spend some time learning about Follett's newest and most exciting K-12 platform.


Anthony Ferranti,  Follett School Solutions- MA & RI Library, Classroom, Textbooks & eBooks