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Session Descriptions: Day 1 AM Block: Marum

  • Session presenters, offerings, locations, and/or schedule are subject to change
  • In some cases, target audiences have been identified, but all sessions are open to everyone

Best Practices from High Performing School Districts in Rhode Island to Support Mathematical Learning
August 8, 10:05-11:35am

Timothy Marum
Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Development, Portsmouth School District / University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  • Math, K-12
  • Audience cap: 42
  • Participants are required to bring the device of their choice (tablet, iPad, or laptop) for this session

Want to know what best practices in mathematics education are being implemented in high performing school districts in the state of Rhode Island? As a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), from the Portsmouth School District, Timothy has been tasked to visit these high performing school districts to better understand, uncover, and bring back to his home district the following:

(1) their best instructional practices,
(2) pedagogical approaches,
(3) systems, and
(4) protocols that enable high levels of student achievement 

As a participant, you will explore with Timothy the many rituals, routines, initiatives, and actionable steps these districts have taken to enhance the learning of mathematics for all of their students. More specifically, presenter and audience together will unpack their teaching and learning “in action” and expose many of their research-driven best practices as meaningful anecdotal pieces of evidence from their celebrations of success with high student achievement.

Timothy Marum is a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) with a focus on K-12 Math Curriculum Development in the Portsmouth School District in Rhode Island. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth studying Mathematics Education, ABD. His prior research has been examining curriculum learning progressions and teaching interventions in early algebra from elementary to middle grades (3-8), adapting a Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) tool to incorporate CCSSM Standards, and examining interconnections between mathematical resources utilized by practitioners under a Knowledge in Pieces (KiP) theoretical framework. Currently, his research focus is on unpacking mathematics teachers' emotional labor through their emotionality as a proxy for unearthing the political nature of education.

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