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Session Descriptions: Day 1 PM Block: Freschet

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Stop Skimming, Start Learning: How to Ensure That Every Student Reads
for Depth

August 8, 1:00-2:30pm
Scott Freschet, Director of Partnerships, Actively Learn

@activelylearn | Website

  • ELA, 5-12, Teachers, Administrators
  • Audience cap: 26
  • Participants are required to bring the device of their choice (tablet, iPad, or laptop) for this session

Reading for depth means getting our brains to work harder and focus longer than they want to. Although we like to think of ourselves as intellectual, cogitating creatures, our brains are wired for efficiency and conservation of energy. The vast majority of thinking happens like a reflex: it's fast and automatic. The human brain would rather remember than reason; it prefers simplicity over complexity. This is why switching gears to thinking in a slow, deliberate way requires significant time and effort.

In this session, we'll review the three key roadblocks that prevent students from achieving depth in their reading and how teachers can help their students overcome these obstacles.

Scott Freschet is the Director of Partnerships at Actively Learn.

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