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Session Descriptions: Day 1 PM Block: Martinez


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Girls & STEAM:  Inclusion, Equity, and Action
August 8, 1:00-1:40pm
Sylvia Martinez

  • All Audiences

Are there ways to interest more girls in STEAM, and keep them interested? How can K-12 schools and informal learning organizations address a gender disparity problem that impacts not just schools, but colleges, jobs, and every walk of life? This session will explore research, resources, and best practices to involve girls of all ages in STEAM.

Creating a culture of inclusion and equity goes well beyond the lessons in a classroom or buying the right tools and technology. Culture, both in schools and organizations, must be co-created and supported in multiple ways and over the long term.

Participants will learn about the potential to bring new tools and technology to learning spaces to support hands-on learning across all grades and curriculum – plus areas that are of particular interest to girls, such as inventions that help people, sewable electronics, e-textiles, bio-materials, citizen science, and community projects.

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