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State Standards Subscription: Overview

Sources for information about Follett's State Standards subscription and the Common Core

On the Follett web site

Check out Follett's tutorial for State Standards at their website at  You will need to log in to access the tutorial.  Sign up for an account if you don't already have one.  You will need your Follett customer number - email if you don't know your customer number.

Once you have logged in, choose Professional Learning from the menu bar.  On the eLearning Modules page, use the drop-down lists to choose Destiny as your Product/Solution, and then Library Manager to Refine Results.  In the Filter Results box, type the word standards.  From the resulting list, choose Search Standards Version: 10.5 to view the online eLearning module.  Please add your comments by clicking below.

Check it out on the East Bay/RILINK site

Go to the East Bay/RILINK site on RICAT at  This opens in a separate window, so you can go back and forth between RICAT and this page.  Then click on the Catalog tab, and choose Standards Search in the left-hand column.  On the resulting page, please use the drop-down list to choose RICAT as the Location.  Choose the Standards that you wish to Search - both Common Core and Rhode Island Standards are available in the drop-down list on the top left.

Once you have chosen the Standards and Location, you can choose the Search or Browse tab to find a particular standard or a specific topic.

Here is a sample of a Search for fractions in the Common Core Mathematics standards, grade 4:

Common Core State Standards:College- and Career-Readiness Standards and K-12 Mathematics - 2010 >Grade:Grade 4 >
Domain 4.NF Number and Operations-Fractions Find It

Clicking on the [Find It] button will take you to a page of web resources for this standard.  Please note that the buttons will only work on the actual RICAT page.

Searching in RICAT (all members) [Refine your search] Printer Friendly
Domain 4.NF Number and Operations-Fractions Selected List: My List
Web Sites: 1 - 25 of 199
1 2 3 4 5 8 Page 2 [ Show All ]
Grade Level: 3-56-8
This web site from provides an educational tutorial about fractions. The site explains what a fraction is, what equivalent fractions are, how to compare fractions, and how to reduce fractions. You can also learn about improper fractions, mixed numbers, and writing fractions as decimals. There are lessons on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. The clear language, examples, and visual aids all make these lessons a great way to find out more about fractions!
Topic: Fractions Language: English
Decimals and Fractions on the Number Line
Grade Level: 3-56-8
Test your knowledge of fractions and decimals by playing this exciting game. All you have to do is drag the fraction or decimal to the correct place on the number line. If you place twelve fractions or decimals correctly, you win. If you place a fraction or decimal in the incorrect place it will explode and you will need to try again. If you would like to play again, just click on the green flag.
Topic: Fractions, Decimal fractions, Number line Language: English

Materials from the RICAT collection that you choose are available on a separate tab:

Searched in RICAT (all members). Printable
[Not what you're looking for? Refine your search] Selected List: My List
Domain 4.NF Number and Operations-Fractions
1 - 25 of 380 Sort By
1 2 3 4 6 11 16 Page 2 [ Show All ]

Cover image
Teaching children mathematics.
Serial Call #: 372.7 (Magazine)
Published 1994
No local copies
0 of 4 available off-site
Cover image
Book Call #: 372.7 BUL Bulloch, Ivan.
Action math
Published 1994
Reading Level: 3.3 Interest Level: K-3
No local copies
2 of 2 available off-site
Cover image
Math : facing an American phobia
Book Call #: 372.7 Bur Burns, Marilyn, 1941-
Published 1998
Interest Level: Adult
No local copies
1 of 1 available off-site
Cover image
Math detectives : finding fun in numbers
Book Call #: 372.7 HAR Harcourt, Lalie, 1951-
Published 2002

You can print, email or Add to a Resource List the web sites or books that you find.

Please add your comments below.

What will it cost?

All current members have this subscription starting March 1, and will be required to pay for this subscription at the rate of $249.50 for next year, 2013-2014.  After next year it will be optional, and can be continued at the same rate.  For new members, or for members who cancel and later resubscribe, the rate for this subscription will be $345 annually.

Why does my library need this subscription?

  • You and your library collection, along with the RICAT resources that you have at your fingertips, are the best source for teachers looking for materials to help students master Common Core standards.

Check out the following post by Julie Corsaro of an interview with Marc Aronson to find out more about why school library media specialists are essential in implementing Common Core Standards: