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Summer Conference 2012: Summer Conference 2012

This page is dedicated to sharing information and materials from this summer's conference TechKNOWLEDGEy: The SLMS As Tech Leader


To support the theme of "TechKNOWLEDGEy: The SLMS As Tech Leader" the RILINK staff worked diligently to recruit RILINK members to present.

Summer Conference Non-Participant Poll

I didn't attend the RILINK Summer Conference because ...

Summer Conference Non-Participant Poll
I was unaware of the conference.: 0 votes (0%)
my school year had begun.: 1 votes (4.76%)
I had vacation plans.: 8 votes (38.1%)
the workshops did not address topics about which I am interested.: 1 votes (4.76%)
I prefer to do professional development during the school year.: 2 votes (9.52%)
I had childcare concerns.: 3 votes (14.29%)
I thought I had to attend both days.: 0 votes (0%)
the conference location was inconvenient.: 6 votes (28.57%)
Total Votes: 21

Summer Conference Links

Please check out links shared by presenters at the Summer Conference.

Summer Conference Documents & PowerPoints

Please check out handouts and PowerPoints shared by presenters.

Web Sites & Apps to Promote Collaboration

The following links represent possible web sites & corresponding apps that can be used to promote collaboration.  The key is to find a tool or tools that work well with your faculty.