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Websites: Websites

Find here helpful websites related to technology in the classroom and library.

Links to Pinterest

Recently, the response to a question on the SLRI list led to an amazing number of websites.  Cheryl Space, MLIS and Youth Services Coordinator/Library Program Specialist at OLIS, has granted persmission for RILINK to link to the Pinterest board she created that archives all of the suggestions that were posted to the SLRI list.   We thank her!  We like the approach so much that both "Technology Trends" and "Using Online Tools and Apps" pages will soon be linked to Pinterest Boards as well.  Please add any suggestions for the RILINK boards in  Comments.  Thanks!

Cool Sites to Share with Faculty

These sites hit on a variety of topics.  This list of sites will be changing regularly.  Bookmark the ones you what to learn more about on your devices.  

Suggested Websites

Check here periodically for sites related to new technologies or sign up to receive alerts when this page is updated.

Suggested Blogs

Blogs abound on the web.  Choosing ones that fit your needs is a overwhelming task!  Here are a few links that may help.

Uncatagorized Sites

Some websites offer such a broad spectrum of choices they can't be catagorized, thus the name of this box.