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Websites: Bookmarking & Curation

Find here helpful websites related to technology in the classroom and library.

Bookmarking/Curation Sites

Bookmarking/ curation sites provide access to your favorite sites on multiple devices.  On these sites you can collect and sometimes organize information found while browsing or searching.  Most also permit you to share your collection. The level of The sites listed have tools that can be added to your menu bar to easily add a site while browsing.

Like everything else on the Internet, options are plentiful, even excessive.  Check out these or suggest one you like in the comment section. 





Still looking for more?  Check out SocialMediaPearls.



Why give Evernote its own box?  Evernote goes beyond clipping, saving, and organizing.  Check out all it has to offer at Evernote for Schools.  Watch the video below to get a brief introduction to this powerful, web-based tool.

Evernote Webinar

Intrigued by the introductory video?  View a webinar called "10 Ways for Teachers to Get organized with Evernote."