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Workshops 2014-15: LibGuides Bootcamp & Advanced Training

This is an archived guide. The information is being kept for historical purposes only and is not updated.  


bootcamp agenda

Please have the following resources available for use during the session.  Thanks!

  1. A profile image (jpg, gif, & png are all okay;  suggested max width is 130 px; suggested max height is 200 px; my image on this page is 117 px by  130 px)
  2. An image to add to a Rich Text box
  3. A document ( any file type can be added)
  4. A URL to add as a link (  )
  5. A ISBN number for a book  (  1118955153   )

Agenda for LibGuides CMS Advanced
November 18, 2014

1. Custom Banners

2. Create Guide: Use a Template

a. My Guides / Guides at My Institution

b. Community

c. Try it!

3. Expanded Community Options

a. Help > "LibGuides Community" > keyword searching

b. Help > "LibGuides Community" > sorting and browsing

c. Help > "Guides Best Of" 

d. Try it!

4. Guide Settings: Co-Owners, Editors, Collaborators

5. Guide Settings: Usage Statistics

a. Guide usage stats

b. Links usage stats

c. Try it!

6. Guides vs. Pages

7. Guide & Box Customization

a. Multimedia Box > Embedded Media & Widgets

b. Open Demo (requests)

c. Try it!

8. Surveys & Forms

9. Questions / Topics Not Covered (as time permits)


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