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Tech Corner

Using sftp to upload files

Below are the directions for the secure ftp server for sending student and teacher update files for the school libraries in RICAT.  Please note that the port number is 22, and the folder is /patron:


Username is patimport_3800999  <--(Use your own Follett-designated username.  It will look something like this.)

Password is p4r38e1biR   <--(Use your own Follett-designed username.  It will look something like this.)

Please use the steps below to set up and automate your client file transfer or use any other software that you feel more comfortable using.

 1. Download the free WinSCP software from the link below.  Make sure to scroll down the page until you get to the link for the WinSCP software, which is available at no cost.

2. Install the software.


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  1. Open the installation program by double clicking on its icon.

(If your Windows language is not supported by the installer, select an alternative language you want to use (both for installation and later when using WinSCP).

  1. On the License Agreement screen click Accept after reviewing the license.
  2. You will be prompted to select a setup type. For a basic setup, choose Typical installation.
  3. Then you will be prompted for Initial User Settings. This allows you to select user interface style. If you have used (and enjoyed) file managers like Total Commander, Altap Salamander or Norton Commander before, keep default Commander interface. Otherwise you will probably be more familiar with Explorer interface.
  4. After you select the interface, the Ready to Install screen opens. On this screen, you can review the installation options you’ve selected. Click Install to start the installation.
  5. A brief installation process will take place. You may have to restart Windows Explorer or your computer. If you choose not to restart, some WinSCP functions may not be available until you do so.

3. You can use the sample configuration file WinSCP.ini provided below, using your own settings and parameters. Then under Tools Import/Restore your configuration file into the WinSCP software.  Find more information about this on this WinSCP page.

4. schedule your upload

 Scheduling on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

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To add new scheduled task:

  • Open Task Scheduler:
    • Windows 10: Go to Windows Start Menu > Settings. In Find a setting box type “Schedule Tasks”.
    • Windows 8.1: Right click Windows Start button and select Control Panel. In Control Panel, go to System and Security > Administrative Tools > Schedule Tasks.
    • Windows 7: Go to Windows Start Menu > Control Panel. In Control Panel, go to System and Security > Administrative Tools > Schedule Tasks.
  • In the Task Scheduler menu go to Action > Create Basic Task.
  • Give your task a name and click Next.
  • Choose when the task should be run and click Next.
  • For task action, select Start a program and click Next.
  • Browse for WinSCP.exe executable.
  • In Add arguments add appropriate WinSCP command-line parameters to execute the scripting commands you need (typically you will use /script or /command parameters).
  • The resulting arguments may look like:
    "open sftp:// -hostkey=""ssh-rsa 1024 bJh/+GTyvEOR06eBQYd0SYuQSNJLdtNVLa5cPnhSaco"
  • "put d:\examplefile.txt /"
  • "exit" 
    Note that the command-line parameter 
    /console was not specified, what makes WinSCP.exe not show the console window, not to disturb you while you are using your workstation.
    You can have WinSCP 
    generate the command-line template for you.
  • If your script uses local paths relative to the script path or WinSCP executable path, specify the respective path in Start in field.
  • When done, click Next, review your options and confirm with Finish.

 Here a simple BAT file for automation.  Change the highlighted area with your parameters and save the file as  .BAT then setup the schedrules task 

@echo off

"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" ^

  /log="C:\mydir\WinSCP.log" /ini=nul ^

  /command ^

    "open sftp:// patimport_3800999: -hostkey=""ssh-rsa 1024 bJh/+GTyvEOR06eBQYd0SYuQSNJLdtNVLa5cPnhSaco""" ^

    "put c:\mydir\test.txt /" ^



if %WINSCP_RESULT% equ 0 (

  echo Success

) else (

  echo Error