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RILINK Summer Conference 2024: Session Details

Coffee and Registration 8:00-8:30

Let Them Be Heard. Giving Our Students a Voice

Young people have the opportunity to change the world with their actions, creativity, words, and most of all….their voice. As librarians and teachers, we have the opportunity to support and life up their learning as they find their voice too. In this presentation, you will hear the voice of young people as Shannon shares stories of choice, experiences, access, space, collaboration, creativity, and so much more.  

As you prepare for this day and her presentation ask yourself this question. . . What is important to you and your learning?  We will answer this question together as we take a look at our learning and most of all. . . that of the young people we work with everyday.



Bringing Reading to Life

RILINK members share strategies they use in their libraries to bring reading to life for all their students.


The Essential Tool Box of Digital Tools and Apps For Teacher Librarians 

As teacher librarians, finding the right digital tools and apps to use within the library and classroom is one of the keys to our success as we work with students and teachers. As we discover and test digital tools and apps that support the curriculum and empower our students as creators, we illustrate in unique and engaging ways our expertise, and so much more – including our awareness of what students have learned and are passionate about. Join technology-centered Future Ready Librarian® Shannon McClintock Miller as she shares her box of essential tools for curriculum-focused teacher librarians. Shannon will share details about each tool and app, diving into examples she has used with her preschool to Grade 12 students.



Discover What You've been Missing - What's New with Destiny

RILINK staff members review what's new with Destiny. Have your laptop available, and update your site on the spot.



Collaboration: The Librarians Superpower!

Collaboration is the librarians greatest superpower! Working with the entire school community, they can support and encourage change in both large and small ways. This session will highlight how collaboration works within Shannon McClintock Miller's school to enhance learning, creativity, student voice, develop empathy and kindness and have a lot of fun along the way. Participants will experience collaboration and have the chance to explore how they can bring these ideas back to their communities and professional networks.


SLRI and RILINK Updates

Esther Wolk, SLRI Vice President, will discuss school library advocacy and RILINK staff will present plans for 2024/25.