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Groups & Banners

Custom Banners and Groups

A LibGuides banner is the topmost image that appears on each page of your LibGuides site, above the editable area where site content is added. The default placeholder banner image for each site appears below:

Each RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS subscribing member library is required to create a custom banner for its LibGuides site to replace the default banner. Custom banners are assigned to each site's Group so that all guides and pages in that Group display the same custom banner clearly identifying the school library to which the site belongs.

Please make note of these banner image requirements:

Required banner width: 1170px
Required banner height: 200px
Required banner file format: 
.png (preferred)

Please contact Jackie when your banner is ready or with any questions you may have. Please see the Create Custom Banner page for suggestions on how to create a custom banner.