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RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS Users Guide

1. Does LibGuides allow everyone to create Guides and add content?

To create and "add" to LibGuides requires an account within the RILINK Schools LibGuides platform.  All RILINK libraries are entitled to a "site" as a benefit of  RILINK membership. All member librarians are entitled to an account as well. 

2. What are the benefits of using the integrated forms (LibWizard Item) on LibGuides versus using a Google Form?

Benefits are often a matter of preference. These are some of the characteristics of the LibWizard Platform.

LibWizard Platform

  • LibWizard Item  is a specific Content Type option which include Forms, Surveys, Quizzes, and Tutorials & Assessments automatically embedding the item on the page.
  • The four options are available within one interface.
  • Forms may be customized including password protection and limiting visibility. 
  • Permission to collaborate can be extended easily to anyone with an Account in RILINK Schools LibWizard. 
  • Collected data may be viewed online, exported to a CSV file, or analyzed by field. Field Analysis results may be printed or download as one of four file formats: PNG image, JPED image, PDF document, or SVG vector image.
  • Questions may be banked and reused.
  • Items follow the Account as long as the user is a RILINK member librarian.

3. I have no idea what LibCal is and how I might use it.

LibCal is a tool to manage every from the booking of your library space to the equipment is loan. Its four distinct modules ( Hours and Locations Management; Room and Equipment Reservations; Event Registration and Management; and Librarian Appointment Scheduler) work together to manage scheduling needs. I have linked the Springshare product information after the next question.

4. Have you or any LibGuides user had experience using LibCal with the Zoom Integration for scheduling appointments with students

Having just set up the conference, I wish I could answer "yes" to this question, but this option is only available if you have a paid subscription. 

The RILINK LibCal site as well as those of our members are "free" sites. This type of site is no longer available and does not enjoy the "bells"and "whistles" of the paid version ( nor do we expect that).

5. Can I directly link to specific parts of my LibGuide from another site like my RICAT or Destiny Discover homepage?

To link to a specific part of a LibGuide use the friendly URL for the page or the Box Link to focus in on a specific part of a page. The screencast demonstrates how to add a friendly URL to a RICAT homepage. 

Hint-  Friendly URLs are recommended for all pages.

Friendly URL Screenshot

6. Is there a way I can receive an automated report for broken links?

To view the report you have to login to your account and view it under Tools. 

7. I’m looking for best tips and tricks to make the LibGuide more useful. I want to make sure it’s effective for stakeholders.

LibGuides come in all shapes and sizes reflecting the needs of the particular audience. Each member librarian is free to create content in a way that suits those needs. Springshare Help provides a "best practices" guide which is linked below.  RILINK staff strive to provide the support needed to create effective guides.

8. I would like to know if we could add a listserv which would, automatically, update. For instance, I would like to add the Commissioner's weekly memo that I receive via email somewhere to the library page. 

The essential answer to this "no." I have outlined some issues below,

  • The many "Share"  options listed on the newsletter provide a link to the most current one. This would have to be done manually as each one was sent to your inbox.
  • Sharing the link from your website may not work either. Springshare has moved all of its products to HTTPS. This means content from http sites will result in someone accessing your site getting this warning.

privacy warning  image

  • The Field Memos Archive on the RIDE site is secure. However, the memos are provided in PDF format and currently updated into April.

We can strategize other options if you decide to try this.

9. What is the advantage of using LibGuides instead of Google sites?

We actually have an entire guide dedicated to sharing with you the benefits of LibGuides CMS over many platforms, not just Google Sites.  Please visit the link below.

10. How do I use widgets? Best use, most popular/useful, etc.. For example, there was a previously used “new books” widget and I could not figure out how to update it (added by the previous librarian).

Widgets is the most popular/ common way to start a search or view a video on a website. They use embedded code so students can begin their search using a particular database or view a video on the site.  Have a Goodreads account and you want to share books you are reading? Add as a widget to your site? What them to watch a You Tube video without leaving your site? Add it as a widget. 

Without actually seeing the widget that couldn't be updated, my best guess is the widget code was generated (created)in a personal account such as Goodreads.  To add a widget to your site, you must have access ( a subscription in many cases) to generate the necessary embed code.

Visit Media/Widgets on the RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS Users Guide for more details.