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Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids: Welcome

RILINK's mission is to foster innovative learning and creative research in school libraries through partnerships and resource sharing for student success.

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RILINK's mission is to foster innovative learning and creative research in school libraries through partnerships and resource sharing for student success.

serves over 70% of Rhode Island K-12 students.

Members include:

  • 119 elementary schools
  • 4 elementary/middle schools
  • 6 K-12 schools
  • 39 middle/jr. high schools
  • 6 middle/high schools and
  • 31 high schools

- a total of 205 members in 35 school districts as of July 2018, plus the Family Literacy Center.

Quick Links

Click the link above to request help from a RILINK Staff member.  Need immediate assistance? Call a staff person or send a group text to RILINK Staff

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RICAT was updated to Destiny 16.5 on December 22nd. Some of the newest features include:

  • To save you time, selections in Destiny are now sticky. For example, click the Catalog tab, Update Titles option and Delete Tags sub-tab to view the Global Delete Tag page. Then click the Reports tab. When you return to the Catalog tab, you will still see the Global Delete Tag page – without having to make the extra clicks.  As soon as you log out, your sticky selections disappear.
  • If your school has a self-checkout station, you can now set the number of minutes of inactivity before the Circulation tab resets. This protects patron information and privacy. A checkbox has been added in Back Office > Access Levels that lets you set the number of inactive seconds before Destiny clears all patron data automatically. This reset ranges from 5 to 9,999 seconds. For more information on self-checkout, search online Help for “Set Up a Self-Checkout Station.”
  • Whether you are purchasing Capstone titles through Follett or directly from Capstone, they function the same way.
  • You can add cover images to each title in Current Checkouts/Fines email notices.
  • OverDrive customers can limit which materials are imported to their site. 
  • You can set up partial inventories within more specific call number ranges, such as FIC DAA to FIC EZZ. This improvement also lets you limit some reporting by call number ranges.
  • Jobs and Reports Job Manager pages now refresh automatically every ten seconds. When running reports, you can now select the desired format from Report Manager or Job Manager. You no longer have to view a job summary first. In Report Manager or Job Manager, next to the completed job, click the link for the format you want to view results in: l HTML l Excel l PDF l XML.


‚ÄčHere are complete details about the new release.



RILINK offers a shared eBook book collection for all of its members, called BookLynx.


Request an eBook purchase for RILINK here!