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Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids: Welcome

RILINK Members


RILINK Logoserves over 80% of Rhode Island K-12 students.

Members include:

  • 120 elementary schools
  • 7 elementary/middle schools
  • 6 K-12 schools
  • 36 middle schools
  • 7 middle/high schools   and
  • 31 high schools

- a total of 207 members in 34 school districts as of September 2023, plus the Family Literacy Center.

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Click the link above to request help from a RILINK Staff member.  Need immediate assistance? Call a staff person or send a group text to RILINK Staff

Support the School Libraries Act


Goal 3 in RILINK's Strategic Plan is: 



All students have equitable access to school library resources and services, provided by a certified Library Media Specialist that reflect and address the needs of their communities.

The Rhode Island General Assembly is considering legislation that could make this a reality. H7888 and S2520 are being held for further study.  

Contact House and Senate Committee members, submit written testimony, and contact your senator and representative. School Librarians of Rhode Island (SLRI) has prepared a fact sheet, information on submitting written testimony, and more. See their suggestions here.