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Professional Learning

Cost & Registration
  • RILINK sessions are open to all Rhode Island School Librarians at no cost.
  • Teachers at RILINK member schools may also attend at no cost.
  • Requests for alternative scheduling of sessions should be sent to
  • Non-member districts, schools, or teachers that wish to attend a session may contact RILINK at for group pricing information. 
  • Session offerings will change over the course of the school year.
  • Zoom will be used for all sessions until further notice.
  • Each session is one hour long.

Registration links for each session are available on the calendar.  Requests for alternative scheduling of sessions should be sent to

RILINK Group Subscriptions

Exploring Nature Science Education Resources

Exploring Nature Science Education Resource  offers elementary, middle, and high school level science resources including lesson plans, class activities, and research projects within the site’s 5,000 pages of illustrated life science, earth science, physical science, biology, anatomy, and ecology for K-12. 

Tour this online resource and learn/share ideas about how it can be used to support the curriculum. Two sessions, one for elementary and one for middle/high school, will be offered.

*Non-member librarians and teachers are welcome to attend this session. Subscriptions for this online database are very affordable.

Using CultureGrams Across the Curriculum

Proquest's CultureGrams has been a member benefit for many years. This database of cultural information includes

  • Reports for over 200 countries and 7 global regions
  • Four editions: World, Kids, States, Provinces 
  • People, customs, courtesies, lifestyle, society
  • Primary sources, images, videos, interviews, timelines, infographics,

and so much more.

Take a tour of this resource available to students and teachers at school and from home. Learn what students and teachers may been missing!

*This session is designed for RILINK member librarians and teachers only.

Destiny Discover Sessions

Meet Destiny Discover for Librarians

Follett promotes Destiny Discover as the portal for students and teachers. Changes have been put in place during the past year to engage users.

Take this tour of Destiny Discover to learn more about the features that provide a much-improved interface for your patrons including

  • custom views based on Access Levels,
  • customization of your homepage,
  • and access to eBooks and Collections.

* Non-member school librarians who use Follett Destiny Discover are welcome to attend.

More Destiny Discover Sessions

Meet Destiny Discover for Teachers

Destiny Discover is designed to make access to library resources, including eBooks, easier for both students and teachers.  Features include

  • Open Education Resources
  • Collections by Destiny®
  • Permalinks & QR Codes
  • Citation Support from EasyBib

Learn about these resources, eBooks, and the eReader during this session.

* Non-member school librarians and teachers who use Follett Destiny Discover are welcome to attend.

Managing Teaching Resources with Collections ®

Collections by Destiny® provides students and teachers a way to organize resources and collaborate with one another, their school, or their district. Resources such as web pages, documents, books, eBooks, videos, and images can be saved in Collections.

Learn the basics of building a collection and review the access to the thousands of public Collections available for reuse.

Non-member school librarians and teachers who use Follett Destiny Discover are welcome to attend.

LibGuides CMS & LibWizard

Getting Started with LibGuides CMS

Are you new to RILINK or just now ready to learn more about a LibGuides site for your library?  See the basics of creating a site using the Springshare LibGuides CMS platform demonstrated and learn how easy it is to create content.  

Ten Terrific Reasons to Use LibGuides to Deliver Research Resources and Instructional Materials provides a great overview of why this platform is a great choice for your website.

*This session is for RILINK member librarians only.

Best Practices, Accessibility, & Your LibGuides CMS Site

Would you like to know more about best practices for building better guides? Do you have questions related to the accessibility of your library website? Learn how these design choices

  • Guide Layout
  • Colors & Fonts
  • Box Types
  • Images

impact all users of your site. 

*This session is for RILINK member librarians only who are currently using LibGuides on a regular basis.

An Introduction to LibWizard

RILINK recently added LibWizard as a member benefit.  Librarians who currently have LibGuides accounts also have access to LibWizard. This tool includes 

  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Tutorials & Assessments 

Take a tour of this suite of tools that can be seamlessly added to your LibGuides site or embedded in any platform you use.

*This session is for RILINK member librarians only.