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Statistics at the Guide, Page, & Assets Level

Statistics* provides a look at how your LibGuide(s) are being used to help assess what to improve or delete.

To access Statistics 

1. Click on Statistics on the orange command bar. 

Statistics Tool on Orange command Bar

2. Locate the Guide with which you wish to work.

*The list is organized by Group first and then a list of your Guides.  Choose by Group if you want to see a list of all of your Guides at once. Choose by individual guide to focus on the statistics of that one.

3. Set the parameters and click Run Report.

Set Parameters. Run Report.

4. See the Total Views for the Guide

If the report was set to look at a Group, all Guides associated with the Group will be listed.

5. Click on the name of the Guide to see the Views for Pages and Assets

View Page and Assets Statistics

Please note: Parameters set at the Guide level remain in place for Page and Assets as well. Click Run Report to see data.

6. Use the resulting data to help make decisions about the content. Data may be downloaded as images and a variety of files types.

* Guides linked as Pages using a Redirect URL must be viewed as the individual Guide to see the Statistics.