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style options

Customize Tab & Box Options

At the Guide Level Tab and Box options may be customized.  To access these options open the menu and select Tab & Box Options.


A new window opens defaulting to Tab options.  Changes to shape, background color, and font color are made here.  Any changes made here are applied to all pages* in the Guide.


To change color in either box or tab options, you need to provide the Hex number or use the color picker. When you click in the box, the color picker opens.  Using your cursor to move the white circle, you can adjust the color and the corresponding hex code appears in the box.

If you prefer to pick specific colors and locate the hex code for them try one of these resources.

To make changes to Box Options click on that tab.  Changes to shape; border width; border, background, header background, and header font color; are made here.  Any changes made here are applied to all pages* in the Guide.

NOTE:  Changing the Border Width to "0" removes the borders.  To create a Floating Box, check that option in the Edit Box mode.


Group-wide customizations can only be performed at the Admin level. To customize Tab & Box Options so that all tabs and boxes appear exactly the same on all guides and pages in your Group, please contact Sharon or Karen.

Please note: Locking down Tab & Box Options at the Group level will remove editing access to Tab & Box Options going forward. Subsequent changes will need to be made by Sharon, Karen, or Jackie.


Experimenting with different style options for your Guide can enhance your site.  Make sure to consider accessibility concerns when making choices. Font Types, Font Size, Styles, and Colors all impact the accessibility of the content. Springshare provides great guidance in Best Practices for Building Guides & Accessibility Tips.