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RI Award Winners

2023 RI Middle School Book Award Winner and 1st & 2nd Runnersup

2023 Rhode Island Middle School Award Winner

Hide and Seeker by Daka Hermon

Sixth grader Justin's best friend, Zee, has been missing for over a year and
mysteriously returns acting very strange. At a party for Zee, his friends play
hide-and-seek but then weird things happen, like a mysterious mark on the
player's wrists which leads to their disappearance. An evil seeker pulls the
friends into a world where their worst fears come to life. Zee managed to
escape, can his friends escape too?

2023 Rhode Island Middle School Runner Up

Alone by Megan Freeman

Twelve-year old Maddie wakes up one day to find herself alone in a town
that’s been evacuated and deserted. This verse novel takes us on Maddie’s
survival journey as she persists for months and months with only books and
a Rottweiler named George for company.

2023 Rhode Island Middle School Runner Up

Another Kind by Trevor Bream illustrated by Cait May

Pursued by conspiracy theorists and the sinister Collector, six
not-quite-human kids with unusual powers keep each other safe while
searching for a place to call home.