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Common Core and Curriculum Resources: Common Core and Curriculum Resources

Curriculum and Common Core Resources - Which ones do you use?

Click on the resources below to see how they work.  Click on the button to the left of your favorite resource.

Curriculum and Common Core Resources - Which ones do you use?
Lesson Planet: the Search Engine for Teachers: 0 votes (0%)
RIDE: 0 votes (0%)
AskRI Online databases: 1 votes (33.33%)
State Standards Resources - RICAT (sample): 0 votes (0%)
WebPath Express subject web links - RICAT (sample): 0 votes (0%)
Accelerated Reader - RICAT (sample): 0 votes (0%)
Fountas and Pinnell - RICAT (sample): 2 votes (66.67%)
Elementary Science Ebooks (ask your librarian for the password): 0 votes (0%)
Make your own Resource List - RICAT (sample): 0 votes (0%)
Make your own Resource Guide - SpringShare (sample): 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 3

RILINK libraries now have State and Common Core State Standards resources online!

Check out these sample Common Core searches, but first read the handout for faculty

  1. Make sure that the Standards subscription service has been turned on for your site.  If it doesn't appear in the left-hand column on your site's Catalog tab when you are logged in, you will need to log on to your site with Administrator privileges.  Then go to the Back Office, click on Site Configuration in the left-hand column, and choose the Site Info tab.  Scroll down the page, click in the box to the left of Standards, and Save your change in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. In your site's Back Office, add the ability to Search Standards to each Access Level that will need it.  Start with the Library Administrator Access Level and then the Teacher Access Level.  If your faculty does not log into Destiny, you will also need to add it to the Guest Access Level.  You can find this setting in the first tab for each Access Level under Library Catalog Search Access.

Once you have set up access to your Standards subscription:

  1. Choose Standards from the left-hand column on the Catalog tab.
  2. Select your standards source from the drop-down list - Common Core or Rhode Island.  Use the [Location] drop-down box to select to retrieve the supporting materials from your library, a library level, or all of RILINK.
  3. To find complete sets of standards, benchmarks, or indicators relating to specific concepts within a subject and grade, choose Browse.  To find one or more standards that pertain to a particular topic or skill, choose Search.
  4. Selecting the standards source and entering a search term are required; limiting by subject and grade are optional. Because the grade divisions in the list depend on the subject, you must select a subject before selecting a grade level.
  5. Try these sample searches:

         Browse to College- and Career-Readiness Standards and K-12 English Language Arts - Common Core State Standards - 2010 [K-12], then pick a grade level.  Choose Reading, then RI Informational Text.  Now click on [Find it].  The resulting page has two tabs, one for web resources, and one for items from your collection, or the group of libraries that you chose.

         Search to [Find] fractions, choosing Mathematics as a subject and a grade level from the drop-down lists.  Click on [Search] and Destiny will display matching standards.  To see the web resources and items from your collection that address one of the matching standards, click on [Find it] next to that standard. The resulting page has two tabs, one for web resources, and one for items from your collection, or the group of libraries that you chose.

Standards searching allows for Boolean searches.  It does not use "wild cards" but does "root searching".  It ignores special characters and common stop words.

For more help on Standards searching, go to Destiny online help.

Common Core and Curriculum Resources

Cost:  10-day free trial; $60 annually per teacher; School Edition available, rates?

The Common Core State Standards Initiative developed instructional standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts only.  The Common Core State Standards in Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, 6-12 refers specifically to the literacy standards students should have instructionally within these content classrooms. They do not replace content standards.  Therefore, our NECAP Science assessment and Science Grade Span Expectations (GSEs) remain in effect.

Cost:  Your tax dollars at work!

Resources available through

  • Career Center
  • HeritageQuest
  • HomeworkHelp RI
  • Learning Express
  • Mango Languages
  • World Book
  • AtoZ Databases

Cost:  Your Federal and State tax dollars at work!

State Standards, an add-on to Follett Destiny Library Manager, align your school library resources and WebPath Express links to Common Core and Rhode Island Standards, both Grade Level and Grade Span Expectations.

Find sample online at, scroll to East Bay Educational Collaborative, bottom right.  Click on Catalog tab, then State Standards on left.  Choose Common Core from drop-down list. 

Cost:  $345 annually per school

WebPath Express is an add-on to Follett Destiny Library Manager. It links to thousands of curriculum-based, authoritative sites on the Web, all K-12 educator-evaluated and checked regularly for availability.

Many school libraries using Destiny have this add-on.   Find your school library at, click on the Catalog tab, and then WebPath Express in the left-hand column.  If your library does not currently subscribe, click on the East Bay Educational Collaborative link to access the catalog tab and then WebPath Express to view an sample.

Cost:  $345 annually per school

Accelerated Readere is an add-on to Follett Destiny Library Manager.  Students, teachers and parents can easily find AR levels and quiz information for the books in your library. 

The Enterprise version of AR provides updates automatically, whenever new information is added by Renaissance Learning.

Cost:  $225 annually per school

Fountas and Pinnell is an add-on to Follett Destiny Library Manager.  Find reading levels for books in your collection, making it easier to implement the Guided Reading approach in classrooms.

Cost:  $199 for the first year; $149 annually thereafter

Librarians can create both personal and public resource lists.  All patrons can enjoy this feature with the appropriate permissions.  This functionality already exists in Follett Destiny Library Manager at no additional cost.


LibGuides CMS,a Springshare product, is an enhanced version of LibGuides. This web-based platform  is customized for managing large amounts of content, for creating library websites, and for fine-tuning guide customizations, access controls, and account levels.

Cost:  RILINK has a group purchase discount for CMS.  Beginning in January 2016, LibGuides CMS will be a benefit of RILINK membership.