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Best Practices, Accessibility, & Your LibGuides CMS Site

This session focuses on 5 elements: Guides, Box Types, Fonts, Color, & Images.

Ask these questions before adding an image.

  • Does the image add interest?
  • Should it be linked?
  • Is copyright a concern?
  • Has it been resized to make uploading easier?
  • Does it have a descriptive name?
  • Has Alternative Text (Alt Text) been added?

When using an image remember to

  • upload the image to the Image Manager; do not copy and paste
  • choose the best format for the use
    • PNG- screenshots, buttons, icons
    • JPGs/JPEGs- photographs, profiles, screenshots
    • GIFs- graphics such as charts, icons buttons
  • choose a size appropriate for the web page
    • 80px-150px for small
    • 250px-350px for large
  • use percentage to set width; leave height blank