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Best Practices, Accessibility, & Your LibGuides CMS Site

This session focuses on 5 elements: Guides, Box Types, Fonts, Color, & Images.
  • Use one, consistent readable font*
  • Start at 16px for size*
  • Use Heading options under Format
  • Do not underline
  • Bold and italicize sparingly
  • Use color sparingly
  • Use high contrast between background and text
    • Tab Options
    • Box Options

* RILINK can add CSS at the Group Level so these options do not have to be set each time Rich Text is used. The same can be done for  the links created when Links and Documents are added as content. Submit a RILINK Help Request Form to request these changes.

Bad         RILINK Schools Rock!   


Better      RILINK Schools Rock! 


Best        RILINK Schools Rock!