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Best Practices, Accessibility, & Your LibGuides CMS Site

This session focuses on 5 elements: Guides, Box Types, Fonts, Color, & Images.


  • Creates first impression
  • Limit to two on a page
  • Use a Group photo for more collaborators


  • Saves space
  • Keeps content in front of students
  • Limit number of tabs (single row)
  • Keep titles short.


  • Use for visual interest
  • Resize Images prior to adding them
  • Add Alt Text- TIP- enter alternative text when  adding it to the Image Manager
  • Use consistent captioning
  • Leave Auto Advance off for maximum accessibility


All the boxes are this page are examples of the Standard Box.

  • Used the most
  • Permits the "layering" of different content types; i.e. Links, Documents, Widgets, etc.