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Summer Reading 2024

Boost Reading Challenge Participation

This post, sponsored by Beanstack, from the  American Libraries blog contains ideas to boost reading challenge participation with six research-based tips, which may be used in school and public libraries.

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Ideas to Promote Reading

Get involved in the preparation of reading lists, whole-school reads, etc.

Set up reading displays (include teachers' favorites, your favorites, student recommendations)

Invite the Children's or YA librarian at your local public library to visit

Encourage students to get a library card

Set up online opportunities for book sharing

Remind students that your ebooks and audiobooks are always available

Maximize use of your library collection (long-term loans, liberal fine policies, etc.)

My library students will be creating their own "Celebrate Summer Reading" plan (see attached) and making a bookworm magnet out of a clothespin and pompom balls. The magnet will be used to hang their plan on their refrigerators at home. At the end of next week, our summer reading brochure will be sent home to families along with the reading plans and magnets. I'll be sending out an email with an embedded video introducing families to the program in the hopes of investing families in the importance of summer reading and ways to make it fun for their children (Wendy Gustavel, Rocky Hill)

Ideas to Celebrate Reading

Give out homework passes, bookmarks, pencils

Recognize readers during morning announcements

Have a challenge between classes or grade levels, with a party for the winner

Set a Reading Hours goals for the entire school and have an ice cream party when the goal is reached

Have a celebration with popsicles, games, and bubbles. The students will gather in mixed grade groups to share their favorite summer reading memory. (Wendy Gustavel, Rocky Hill)



 Summer Reading 2024: your guide to success


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