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First Steps

Access My Account


To access My Account from the LibApps click on the My Account link in the orange command bar.
To access My Account from the LibGuides Command Bar click the person icon or your email address on the right hand side of the orange command bar.

Edit My Account

The account information entered here is for all of the Springshare products you use.  All RILINK members (as of January 2016) have access to LibGuides CMS & LibWizard.
  • To make changes to your email address or password access the Account Information section of My Account.  RILINK requires the use of a school email address for LibApps/ LibGuides/ LibWizard accounts.  Please make sure it is up to date so the Reset Password? link can be used if you forget your password. 
  • To change your information, you must confirm the change by entering your current password.  This is a new security feature.
  • No changes should be made to your account name. Please contact Sharon Webster if you have any questions about this.
  • LibApps passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long and contain at least one number or symbol


Accounts Settings provides space to add a title which appears as a subtitle on the My Profile Page.

Nickname is an option which will be available in the future (soon we hope!) as an alternative to your account name.

Email Signature only applies to LibAnswers, a Springshare product we do not currently have.

Springshare has added the option to manage email subscriptions through My Account.

Account Permissions provides a list of products associated with the  RILINK Schools subscription.  If you have permission to use a product, a link to the product site is provided.  All RILINK Schools subscribers should have links to LibGuides and LibSurveys

Please contact Jackie Lamoureux if you have questions.