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Media Widgets

Adding Media/Widgets

The most common types of media/widget* content are videos and search widgets.  Audio files may also be embedded.  This type of content requires code.  Many sites provide code such Twitter, Pintrest, Common Sense Media, Padlet, & Symbaloo to name just a few.  


A widget is "an application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service."  

The steps to add code for video, audio, or widgets are essentially the same.

1. Locate the Embed Code for the object you are adding to your site. Copy the code.

2. Click on Add Box.  For a refresher on this step view General Directions under Add & Organize Content/Box Types.

3. Click on Add/Reorder Content and select Media/Widget.

4. Add a specific Title that makes it easy for you to identify the content at a later date when you want to reuse it.

5. Paste the code into the Embed Code box.

6. Click Save*Do not panic if the content is not visible.  Some widgets are only viewable in Preview or Live mode.

* If a Validation Error window opens do not Save the code. Make the recommended changes or contact RILINK Staff for help. Learn more in Springshare Help.

Validation Failed message


Most types of content can be reused.  Media/Widget is not exception.  Follow these basic steps.

1.  Click on Add/Reorder Content and select Media/Widget.

2. In the new window click on the tab "Reuse Existing Widget."  You will need to know the name of the widget you would like to reuse.  Start typing the name of the widget and a list will appear.

3.  Once you select the widget you want, the following screen appears.

4.  To make sure you can edit the widget, check the box next to CopyREMINDER: Do not copy RILINK Managed Assets. Leave them Mapped for automatic updating.

5.  Then if you have other content in the box where the widget is being added, you may choose the Position from the dropdown menu by clicking on the   .

6. Click Save.  Do not panic if the content is not visible.  Some widgets are only viewable in Preview or Live mode.