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Goodreads provides six widget options from which you can choose.  To view these options

1.  Log in to your Goodreads account.

2.  Click on the next to your profile picture to access your account.

3.  Select Edit Profile. A new menu bar of options will appear.

4.  From that menu choose Widgets.  The new page that opens provides directions for each of the widgets modeled under the remaining tabs in this box.

Sharon's Bookshelf: Read

Steve Jobs
really liked it
I found myself riding a roller coaster of emotions as I read Steve Jobs' biography. Such genius... Such arrogance... Yet when I read those last words on the final page, I was left with a sense of his incredible vulnerability. His words."...
The Blue Bistro
liked it
I enjoyed the mix of restaurant & island life with romance. Made a great easy read. Only wish I could have been sitting on a beach while I was turning the pages.

Sharon's Bookshelf: Read

Steve Jobs
The Sins of the Father
The Blue Bistro
The Castaways
Second Glance
Gone Girl
The Soldier's Wife
The Beach Club
Silver Girl
Ender in Exile
Children of the Mind
A Summer Affair
Beautiful Day
The Dante Club
The Poe Shadow
If You Find Me
The Summer We Read Gatsby
Seating Arrangements
The Paris Wife

Sharon's favorite books ยป
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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
Sharon has read 3 books toward their goal of 30 books.