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July 15 2B: Navigating the New Road Ahead--Digital Resources from Capstone

Navigating the New Road Ahead--Digital Resources from Capstone

Capstone Connect

PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and Capstone Interactive eBooks will be reviewed, showing useful, new features. These popular resources have paved the way to the new Capstone Connect which will also be shown. Accessed easily through PebbleGo, Capstone Connect is the direct path to quickly discover and share standards-aligned content for your entire school. Search by topic or standard and your results will enable you and your teachers to choose from a collection of PebbleGo articles, thematic eBook bundles, and instructional materials providing thousands of resources, all aligned to your search. It's a huge time-saving, affordable, whole school solution. A free trial will be provided for all who attend!


Vicky Sweet, Capstone Representative