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RILINK Summer Conference 2021

Day 3, July 15

9:00-10:00  Session 1

Can we do 75 book talks in under an hour? Yes, we can! Join Sarah Hunicke and Alyssa Taft as they book talk 75 of the recent titles they are excited about in all genres and formats, including audiobooks and graphic. The 2022 Rhode Island Teen Book Award nominee list will also be highlighted.

Presenters: Sarah Hunicke and Alyssa Taft

Participating in LORI/ILL Delivery expands the size of your library collection exponentially! Are the procedures for renewing LORI membership different between a hub and satellite libraries? Where do I start to get my library back to LORI resource sharing for the school year 2021-2022? We will address these and other LORI Certification / delivery related questions in this session.

Presenter: Chaichin Chen, Resource Sharing Coordinator, OLIS


10:30-11:30    Session 2                                                            

Get a glimpse into the new titles for the Rhode Island Middle School Book Award nominees for 2022.

Presenters: Diane Lebrun, Melanie Roy, & Mimi Silk

Learn how Capstone can help optimize educator time and increase student engagement through our highly valued digital resources: PebbleGo, Capstone Interactive eBooks and our new Capstone Connect. Get a month's free trial!

Presenter: Vicky Sweet, Capstone Representative


12:00- 1:00  Session 3   

Find out what's been happening with RILINK and preview of what's to come!

Presenters: RILINK Staff