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Why Use LibGuides CMS?: Why Use LibGuides CMS?

Ten Terrific Reasons to Use LibGuides to Deliver Research Resources and Instructional Materials

1. 21st-Century Tools for Diverse Learners

On any guide created in LibGuides CMS, embed video, audio, slideshows, images, links, documents, rich text, interactive surveys and polls, items from the library catalog, book trailers, RSS feeds, moderated discussions, multimedia widgets, podcasts, schedules, calendars of events, user profiles, and tables of contents, just to name a few features.....all with a few clicks. Each of these features can be adapted to enhance instructional materials and assessments to support Common Core State Standards. 

See some of the things that RILINK members do with LibGuides CMS here.

2. Self-Empowerment

From any computer, create highly interactive web pages to support any curriculum. No HTML or CSS knowledge required! LibGuides CMS' flexibility lets educators take control of content delivery and reduces the need for technical intervention and maintenance.

3. Collaboration

Guide Administrators can collaborate with colleagues or students on any guide by providing varying degrees of access permissions. This capability promotes community-building and models the kinds of effective partnerships that prepare students for life after graduation.

For an example of how LibGuides CMS can be used for successful collaboration to improve student achievement, please view Michelle Steever's collaboration with Mr. DeAngelis here

4. College Readiness

Hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities - including Brown UniversityCCRIJohnson & Wales University, the United States Naval War CollegeProvidence CollegeRhode Island CollegeRhode Island School of DesignRoger Williams UniversityRWU School of LawSalve Regina University, and URI - all use LibGuides CMS to provide access to research resources and information. College-bound students who gain proficiency using LibGuides at the K12 level will be ahead of the curve.

5. Built-in Support

Free web-based tools don't include the same level of support and troubleshooting that comes with a LibGuides CMS subscription. RILINK members benefit from a two-tiered support system: both RILINK staff and Springshare staff are just an email or phone call away.

6. Worldwide Community (877,923+ guides by 240,161+ librarians in 104 countries at 5788 institutions)

LibGuides users are everywhere; LibGuides content everywhere is highly searchable...and reusable. Seek permission to borrow a guide, tweak it to meet goals and objectives, and save lots of time in the process. Collaborate in exciting and unexpected ways to provide enrichment and differentiation.

Take a look at Springshare's training schedule here.

7. Reusable Content

Create guides, pages in guides, and content boxes on guide pages once....and easily reuse them on other guides. This allows for time-saving uniform delivery of information (without having to start from scratch each time) and seamless customization according to the needs of students, classes, and curricula.

8. Access to Rich Data

Each guide tracks fully exportable statistics that let creators easily view a variety of user data. This is a powerful evaluation tool that fosters the ability to modify, adapt, and promote each site based on concrete evidence. Springshare also allows for all guides to be saved locally as html files, so content can be backed up and easily archived on any desktop or laptop.

9. Built-in Training

RILINK staff provide face-to-face and virtual LibGuides CMS training sessions as requested and regularly update its customized Users Guide. Springshare schedules frequent webinars on the use of all Springshare products, provides an online treasure trove of help documentation, and holds "SpringyCamp" web conferences during which LibGuides users from all over the world share innovations and best practices.

10. Member Benefit

RILINK now offers LibGuides CMS, along with LibWizard, as a member benefit.

Does Your Library Have a RILINK Schools site?

LibGuides CMS is a RILINK member benefit.  Member librarians who are interested in having a RILINK Schools site may send an email inquiry to   Training sessions may be arranged by visiting Professional Learning.


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