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Basic Steps to Create Guides

RILINK staff will create your school library's home guide. The home guide serves as the home page of your RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS site.

  • This home guide must always remain published and should be ​your starting point for adding content to your site
  • In most cases, adding pages to your home guide should be sufficient, and you will not need to create new or separate guides

Creating Guides in LibGuides CMS v2: Basic Steps

From the LibGuides Dashboard:

1. Look for the LibGuides Shortcuts section

2. Click Create Guide

On the Create Guide page:

1. Under 'Choose Layout or Reuse,' select one of two options (1A or 1B)

1A. Start fresh, then choose

1A 1. Tabs Layout or

1A 2. Side-Nav Layout

1B. Copy content/layout from an existing guide to use as a template*

1B 1. Local guides

1B 2. Community guides

*Whether copying a guide from other RILINK Schools sites or from the wider LibGuides community, please remember to always ask permission first, and to always provide attribution for the source somewhere on your guide's home page.

2. Give the guide a name (can be edited later)

3. Provide a description (optional; can be added/edited later)

4. Select Guide Type: General Purpose (recommended) 

5. Required: Always associate your new guide with your RILINK Schools Group

6. Apply a password (optional; can be added later)

7. Apply Sharing Restriction (optional; can be changed later)

8. Click 

Want to learn more about creating guides? Visit the Springshare help pages below.