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Steps & Guidelines for Friendly URLs

Important Reminder

RILINK staff has created your school library's home guide and given it a friendly URL. Do not edit it.  Questions about the home guide URL should be sent to

The home guide serves as the home page of your RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS site.  

  • In most cases, adding pages to your home guide should be sufficient and you will not need to create new or separate guides
  • If you have a specific need to create a new guide, please make sure the friendly URL for the new guide includes the key word in the home guide URL. This helps to identify quickly which guides are part of your overall site.


For example, the friendly URL for Peace Dale elementary School is

The key word in the friendly URL is "stingrays."  The key word must be included as part of the friendly URL of any new guide.  So if a new guide for STEM was created, the new URL might look like this

This creates a unique URL for the guide about a topic that may be present on many sites within RILINK Schools.

Please see the "What's the Difference?" page of this section for more information about the distinction between Guide and Page.

Creating Friendly URLs

LibGuides CMS automatically generates a a series of numbers, letters, and symbols to create a URL for each page you add to your home guide.  Friendly URLs provide an easy way to direct your audience to a specific page on your LibGuides site. These URLs are also a more stable choice for use on other websites. We recommend creating a friendly URL for each page added to a guide.

The steps are 

1.  Click on the Edit Pencil at the end of the URL for the page.

2. The friendly URL for your home guide is already there.  Enter a key word related to the content on the page in the box provided.  Often this is taken from the name of the page.  Click Save.

3.  The page URL will now reflect the key word you have entered.