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Which One Should I Use?

Work in progress? No problem!


Publication status depends on whether work is being done at the guide, page, or box level, and whether work is ready to share with site users. 

For more information about changing your guide's publication status, see the Springshare help guide linked below.

To hide pages in progress, click the Page cog > select Do not show on public guide

To hide boxes in progress, click the edit pencil icon in the box header > select Draft mode > Save

Please note: if your guide is set to Private publication status and you have not given out the URL, you do not need to also use the hidden page status. Use one setting or the other. Hidden pages cannot be previewed to check work. 

Status Types

To change guide publication status, click the upper right Guide Status button (please always leave your home guide in Published status).








Put pages in "show" mode when all page content is ready to view.








Put pages in "hide" mode when page content is a work in progress:

To edit box status, click the Edit Box "pencil" icon on the right side of the box header:

To show a box, leave "Draft Mode" unchecked.

To hide a box, check Draft Mode.