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Interlibrary Loan

Report Interlibrary Loan Statistics

All RILINK members (including Delivery on Demand schools) who are also LORI member libraries must report ILL statistics each month, even if ILL volume for the month is zero in every category. (If you are unsure if you need to report, please check this list. If your school is listed, you must report ILL statistics each month, even if all categories are zeroes for the month.)

Follow these two simple steps:

1. Print a tally sheet for each month (PDF for printing available on the "Print Monthly ILL Tally Sheet" tab) for September through May. Count each item loaned or each item borrowed only once. Write in the total in each category and each column at the end of the month.

2. At the beginning of the following month, electronically report the figures on the tally sheet for the previous month's ILL statistics, using the appropriate form at the tab above. Retain the tally sheet for your records. When you submit the form electronically, you may also request to receive an email copy of your submission.


Some members have reported difficulty seeing a confirmation message after submitting the ILL Stats form. After form submission, if you see what looks like a white screen, please scroll up or down on your screen until the confirmation message comes into view.

If your screen does not show a confirmation message, please submit a Help Request, include your school LORI code and describe what you submitted. RILINK staff will confirm whether the submission was received. 


LibGuides forms work best in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. Regardless of which browser you use, make sure the latest version is installed on your computer


If your library is included on this list, RILINK must receive an ILL statistics report each month, even if ILL volume for each category is zero. The linked list will be updated after each year's LORI certification period ends to reflect any changes to LORI certification status.

Each month, use a tally sheet to manually record all borrowed and loaned interlibrary loan items. A PDF file for this purpose is provided above. Open the PDF tally sheet, save it, and print a copy each month for tally purposes. Keep the tally sheet for your records.

At the beginning of each month, use the appropriate tab above to report ILL statistics for the previous month, taking the figures from the tally sheet. Please submit an online report each month even if all categories will have zeros. ILL statistics for each month must be accounted for by all school libraries that are LORI members, even if there is no participation in interlibrary loan in a given month, and no matter how infrequently items are sent or received.

For additional assistance, please use the Help Request form.